It is the cumulative result of years of study and experimentation.  This study includes explorations into what I call the INNER WILDERNESS. There, the mountains are higher, the oceans wider, valleys deeper, nights darker, days brighter and possibility unlimited. I became convinced to explore this publicly.  

The name PUENTE is Spanish for 'BRIDGE'.  I have spent much of my life traveling in latin america. Puente is a common pathway for all spiritual pursuits.  Here you will find credible images of processes and practices which may serve you.

I recommend two things: you practice a high level of skepticism and scrutiny and you make some promises to yourself. That you pledge to SEE what is there, instead of what you want to see. That you HEAR what is said, instead of what you want to hear, That you SPEAK what is true for you , rather than what you think you should say. That you FEEL, deeply, what you are really feeling, rather than what you think you should feel. Only then can you develop a trusting relationship with yourself, what I call SOVEREIGNTY.

I do not feel or think that I need to sell you anything. My well being is NOT predicated on having clients. In fact the opposite is true. If I had no clients it would be because the world was made of compassionate, emotionally resilient, spiritually improvisational and deeply observant people. If this description sounds like attributes you'd like to practice, to experience, to BE, then consider SOVEREIGNTY.

Your life is transformable. You can change your opinion of yourself and the way you treat yourself. You can choose the relationship you have with others, not merely 'have' them, you can refine your understanding of the cosmos and your relationship in the universal field of all things. You can study math, science, art, business, you can also make your life's work about gaining mastery in underlying patterns, in universal themes, in the power of grace in ambiguity and poise in challenge. These 'deep blue' attributes have been known and practiced for thousands of years.

Are you going to continue having life happen TO you? Or will you happen WITH it?