Our Mission

Our mission is the preservation of botanical diversity and the dissemination of information and practices of the teachings that will lead to wellness for the planet and her inhabitants.

Our Vision for the Future

Our work is our devotion to life. We aim to inspire people to grow edible diversity for the benefit of the future generations. By growing diversity, we preserve diversity. By eating diversity, weencourage its growth since our habits support or harm the Earth. By our example we aim to inspire others to live in harmony with the Earth.

We use Permaculture as a sustainable system to preserve Botanical Diversity. Our Permaculture practices include: Composting, mulching, bee keeping, and seed production. And we integrate those practices also in our programs: Permaculture Design Courses, School Gardens, Community Gardens, Home Gardens, and Edible Landscape Design.

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature. The three main tenets according to thought leaders like Bill Mollison are:

Care for the Earth,

Care for the People,

Give back to the Earth and its People.

LINK: http://buenafortunapermaculture.com