MASTERY (my favorite)

Fueled by devotion, guided by brilliance and supported by inclusivity, SVN is where the engine meets the transmission. One without the other is mere potential. Under the guidance of new ED Ted Ning, SVN ’16 opened with the mind expanding, problem solving, future seeing Tom Chi. His Plenary talk on Thursday nite wandered from the genius (the snowflake and it’s instant, comprehensive creation), to the humorous (“I’m not too worried about AI, all technology matches the consciousness of the era, it would probably seek to sell us more stuff”) Rapid prototyping, brain chemistry, listening and learning, and the GAPS of EDUCATION, PRACTICE and MASTERY (my favorite).

This all supported by music, art, breakout sessions, and conversations with people from all walks of intention. I met Perla, working with Stanford to divine the source and motivation (chemical?) of giving. I sat with Jasmine who is bringing indigenous textiles to the high fashion market ( I spent much time with Wetherbee Dorshow, PHD, who is introducing GIS to sI cial enterprise in a seemingly endless opportunity to simplify the visibility of complex systems. Rich Hill, Principle of Compass and Nail, an SVN first tImer, and his “Brand Ecosystem”. Frederick Marx, of Hoop Dreams fame, led the circle which grounds us in inclusivity and welcome. It is only half way through and this convergence brings an optimism that too few people get to eXperience. How do we expand the awareness of this era and shift our trajectory? As Tom said “We don't have a food shortage, we have a consciousness shortage.”