Join facilitator, Robin Harlan in Los Barriles, Baja California for a journey of celebration
into the depths our essential beingness. By examining where we’ve come from, refelcting
who we are now and creating what we imagine ourselves to be, we will collectively examine
and reimagine how we live and prosper for the rest of our lives. In this symposium we
will experience:
• A tour of an Organic Local Farm and Farm to Table dinners catered each night
• An exploration of the wild and suprisingly lush outdoors of Baja Mexico
• Mindful movement in the mornings
• A deep connection to our inner landscape and how we can move the world with it
• A surrender to the power of vulnerability and a healing revitalization of self
...and so much more!
We are standing on the edge of the Great Shift and the return of the Divine Feminine. The
time is now. Our time is now. Your potential has never been greater to fashion your life out
of your heart’s desire. Join us and take that potency back into your home, family, community,
career and life’s purpose. This event is for healers, leaders, seekers, creators and your
basic goddesses in general. The synergy of our gathering will call forth the inevitability of
our individual and collective entelechy.

Robin Harlan is facilitating a series of symposiums for women this year… 
"I am inviting you to take part in this event because I am moved to explore the immense healing power and wisdom that is available to all woman when we gather and invest ourselves in a shared group experience. Woman are born creators and when we gather together that energy is magnified. This is an opportunity to be together in our own beingness; the opportunity for leaders to reflect other leaders.  If you are receiving this invitation it is because I see you and I know the value that you are in the world. 
The shift is upon us, the acceleration is happening now.

Robin's Bio
Robin Harlan is a deep listener. She has been a master sound effects artist for the movie industry for over 30 years having worked on everything from student films to blockbusters. She is also a student of divine teachings and has studied Tantra with Charles and Caroline Muir, esoteric philosophy with enlightened Master Dr. Baskaran Pillai, social engineering with Dr. Jean Huston, facilitated workshops at Esalen, Rancho La Puerta and Art Temple. She is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and frequently hosts sacred ceremonies for couples and full moon gatherings for women. Robin acts as a mirror for the divine in each person she meets and is a bridge for your true human potential. She lives with her husband Dave, daughter Grace and a small menagerie on a ranchette in Los Angeles.

Please reserve as soon as possible as there are limited spaces available for this intimate venue.
Facilitators: Robin Harlan, Chris Mathias, Ketzia
Pricing Includes: Symposium, Puente Guidance facilities, workshop space, airport pick up and drop off from SJD, field trip adventures, Organic Farm catered roof top dinners, Sunday morning farewell brunch at Flora Farms-

Accessibility to bikes, paddle boards, kayaks, and local mysteries…
Lodging & airfare are not included. 

Please arrive in AIRPORT before 2:00 pm Thursday 3/10/16 and depart After 1:00 pm on 3/13/16
Accommodation prices vary and can be booked through Puente Guidance.
• 4 onsite tents for glamping
• 1 onsite airstream
• 4 beach front condos biking distance to center
local hotel and houses are also available

Travel: Airport is San Jose del Cabo- SJD airport served by major airlines
Reserve your place online below-