If not here, where? If not now, when? If not with you, with whom? In joining Puente I was asked these three initial questions before any other. This set an immediate intention for our gathering. For it is a choice to step forth into my inner wilderness. It is a choice to accompany others as they navigate their own. It is a choice to be self-centered.

With Chris Mathias at the helm, teachings are conspicuously illuminated within a set of core processes. Where we’re led is never ordered but revealed through honest dialogue, role playing, and constructive critiquing, all kept explicitly within the confidence of our dedicated group members. The stage is set. I’m ripe for ingesting, digesting, questioning, and actively practicing concepts. Mastery is the expected result. If not, I do not move on. Neither do my fellow members. I must exhibit complete integration both within and outside our meetings in order to progress. This results in a co-experience that is nurtured to full maturation not just conceptually but procedurally in my daily life.

Puente deepens the connection to self and other. Puente places me on the growing edge. Puente is a bridge to my wiser more sovereign self.

For this I give utmost appreciation.
— Joshua Schuler

Chris is a moment, whole and complete. Step in willingly to his sphere of influence to more fully acquaint yourself to your soul’s purpose and to claim your soul’s right to wield magic. Witness the impossible become possible, the magical to become practical, the improbable to become daily coincidence and the unimaginable to become living reality... Without any intention or desire to impress, time with Chris will impress upon you a deeper urge to surrender to the unknown, to find solace in the roads untaken, to become your own bridge between the mundane and the magical, with the only form of certainty ever needed moving forward, your gratitude for what is, your life, as lived.

Is this all Chris? It’s my experience when I’m with him. Come experience what occurs within you the moment you choose courageous vulnerability enough to find out for yourself…
— Scott Kiere- eVolveVentures

I met Chris Mathias during the Summer of 2013. I approached Chris to get some business advice but our conversation gravitated towards stories of life, love and spiritual sovereignty. I quickly realized the elevated level of emotional awareness at which I would leave our talks. Soon, I was meeting with Chris monthly with a few other students that he had brought together. These meetings would last from 4 - 8 hours, depending on the day and the topic of discussion. I have spent so much of my life training for expeditions into the outer wilderness; the mountains, the forests, and deserts that my adventurous spirit craves. Chris helped me to realize there is just as vast of an inner wilderness. A space little explored by most but that exists within all of us. To venture into this inner wilderness, training and preparation is needed. Chris showed me the tools to begin this training and provided the support to begin my own expeditions into the inner wilderness.
— Asa

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Chris in a variety of capacities. Anyone engaging his services will have only one regret:  that they didn’t start with Chris sooner.
If you’re looking for orthodox, by-the-book solutions, you are in the wrong place. If you want a creative, resourceful approach that helps you see life, business, challenges and opportunities from a perspective completely outside your normal frame of reference, keep talking to Chris. His approach is unusual, enlightening, frustrating, terribly honest, and just what you need if you want life-changing or organization-changing solutions. Chris will not help you to “think outside the box.” He will take you on a journey to a place where boxes don’t exist.
In my case, when I first started talking to Chris, I was commuting 50 miles one way to a difficult job. Now I bike to my dream job and spend extra time with my lovely family. Chris didn’t tell me what to do or necessarily how to do it, but he did release a drop of inspiration into a deep body of water inside me, and the ripples expanded and grew into ideas, actions, and wonderful, glorious change."

-Tom Jones- Account Specialist, Client Development
LEISURE TRENDS – an NPD Group Company

Experiencing Chris Mathias’ business consulting is not like a typical business meeting with dry agendas that leave you yawning and thinking about what you’ll do when you’re done. He doesn’t come to the table with his pre-conceived ideas of a perfect cookie cutter business model. He won’t tell you how to run your business. Working with him is an interactive experience. He helps you brainstorm your OWN ideas to make your business what you want it be and offers suggestions along the way.
Chris uses a logic model that can fit anyone’s business from a small local institution to a multi-national conglomerate. While going through the model, Chris is engaging, involved, invested in YOU and genuinely cares about helping his clients come up with the best plan of action to make their business successful. I came away from a crash course consulting meeting with him feeling cared for, invested in and most importantly, inspired! I couldn’t wait to get back to my co-workers to share all the great ideas I knew would help our business thrive.
Outside of the meeting room, Chris is kind, considerate and goes out of his way to make sure his clients are comfortable. He expresses interest in his clients as human beings, not just a business connection. I came away from my 18 hours with him feeling as though I had made a friend, gained a mentor and inspiration to make some really positive and much needed changes at my workplace. I would gladly sign up for another consulting meeting with him anytime.
— Anna Booth

TED  NING  & chris mathias 

TED NING  & chris mathias 

"It is difficult to put in words how and what Chris provides.
One could say he walks to the beat of his own drum.
This is true but what is more accurate is that he listens to the underlying universal rhythm inherent in all of us that we have forgotten.
His ability to be in touch with this wisdom and share with others in his amazing story telling manner gives tremendous insights.
To be in the presence of such a translator is like being in the presence of a wise sage who can open your eyes to new perspectives on what is in front of you, memories of what is behind you and where you are now.
I hope that you take the steps to have Chris in your life.
I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”
"6 stars out of 5. It all begins as you enter into the space of Puente Guidance, your senses will start to awaken more than they ever have. The only thing to be ready for is to expand the view of the world one moves through and interacts. Chris Mathias, has crafted a network of inspirational 'do-ers' in all spaces including business, science, music, art, therapy and social change that will bringing their experiences to Puente Retreats. NOW is the time to go to any retreat, regardless of the title/topic to learn from Chris and his network on 'How to do things differently' and get in touch with truly what matters. It was an honor to be a part of 'Rendering Talent', the first of Puente's retreats and making history. We are never 'ready' and NOW is the moment. I look forward too participating in many more retreats to come."

-Travis Underwood