A most remarkable convergence

I have just returned from a most remarkable convergence of humankind. There are growing legions of souls; devoted, talented, willing and humble, who are lining up, reaching out and expressing their gifts in ways which inform and support our higher selves. It is a noble and sacred path, rife with challenge and desperate allure. These people, of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages, are the shores upon which the spark of loving consciousness may wash up, take root, entwine with others and make fast the resilience and genius that is being called forward by the winged, the hooved, the finned and furred.  The same breezes wash over all of us, felt or not, carrying this evocation. It is inexorable, it is omnipresent, it is frightening and it is magnetic in its promise.
Thank you all for the living, loving care and intention.
Chris Mathias