I can barely wait to awaken in the morning!

Last nite I arrived at 5:15 and at 6:00 I was at a dinner with faculty of Western State University hosting an event for a visiting environmentalist from India, Ajay. I felt so honored and fortunate to arrive into this community, where I lived many years ago now, and to be welcomed into such a place. His talk covered spirit. His talk covered nature. 

These themes and invitations are becoming a roar in my life. Loud, constant, and imploring me. It is a great feeling to be connected to this web of undeniable consciousness. I am here to explore it, to refine my abilities, to see wider and deeper, to share empathetically, and to awaken or even ignite this reality among any who seek it. It seems to me the architecture of our life's journey is often designed and built with short sighted virtues and faulty assumptions. When the epidemic of titles is stripped and the security of companioneering is felt, the power of science, the mystery of sprit and the promise of consciousness is a compulsory and peerless force which is unlimited in creativity and constructive potential.

This is where I live now.