Why now?
Dia de Los Muertos signifies the Crossroads of the year. We are asked to pause and honor the movement from solar time to lunar time, of the light chasing the dark, of extroverted time transitioning to the season of inner contemplation. This is a time of ritualizing the death of the old and making room for gestation of the new. We also recognize that “to render” means to “reduce to its essence” and to “offer or turn” our work toward meaningful activities. During these celebrations of the cycle of Life-Death-Life we may undertake our own Sur-Render, “turning oneself over”--literally getting out of one’s own way--in order to invite right relationship with the Sacred Other, self- actualization, and communal service. What in our thought-habits, self-talk, and personal stories needs to die away, to be rendered so that our talents may be clarified? In a number of cultures this season includes the real possibility of Crossing Over into deeper realms of knowing. It is a celebration of both Blessing and Releasing old blocks and habits and Beckoning the actions of clarity, conscience and commitment. In Mexico this important ceremonial time is dedicated to the Death of loved ones, extended family and past generations. It is also the time during which we may recover and regenerate Ancestral wisdom and guidance in making life decisions and refining action steps. 
THROUGH the RENDERING TALENTS Gathering we have the opportunity to:
•    Re-Story our personal and collective lives together.
•    “Con-Voc,” or come together to speak our truths and missions,
•    Be stimulated, supported, mentored and witnessed in our decisions for Life-stage change and commitment
•    Experience our Talents being activated and renewed through group activities and sharing
•    Co-create, offer and share specific ceremony and ritual
•    Prepare for the Rite of Passage of Hallowe’en and Dia de los Muertos
•    Participate in and honor the local practices of Day of the Dead
•    Say farewell to That-which-is-Passing and Welcome That-which-is-Be-Coming
•    Our days will include peripatetic learning and running shoes/lite hikers will be best for these forays.
•    There will be space in the schedule to provide for solo time and integration. As well as additional adventures outside of those planned are available including yoga, paddle boarding, snorkeling and many others.

Why us?
Marcie Telander
Marcie Telander, MA, REAT is an Integrative Medicine Woman, a spiritual explorer and a guide and devotee of the Inner Wilderness. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Mexico, an internationally Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, a Certified Group Psychotherapist and an Elder of the Eco-therapy, Positive Psychology and eco-justice movements. Marcie lives in Crested Butte, CO where she has served her community for 38 years as a psychotherapist, cultural animator and celebration artist. Marcie is the founder of Earth Wisdom Institute and Mystery School. She is the author of ACTING UP! (Dramatic Publishing) and numerous articles, essays and poetry including “Finding Home, Creating Sacred Space” in the award winning RITUAL AND HEALING: Stories of Ordinary and Extraordinary Transformation (Motivational Press). For the past 45 years Marcie has traveled throughout the US and Europe, guiding communities, institutions and groups in gathering personal stories, reclaiming indigenous roots and native spirit. Through these programs she assists communities in developing multi-generational celebrations and rites-of-passage. She is currently a Relationship Expert for, the internet’s most visited relationship-advice site.

Chris Mathias
Nearly 20 years ago, Chris pinpointed the coordinates for his life’s bliss. To this day he is beholden to their collective pull that takes him all over the world. Rarely, if ever, is Chris himself pinned to one geographic location or to a singular project. Chris’s service doesn’t end there. But rather it flourishes at a crossroad where abundance, creativity and service all meet. At this intersection you’ll discover Chris’s current projects. His consulting venture Ripple employs Chris’s experience in business and film arts offering boot camps, trainings, retreats and peer circles.
A Note From Chris
Neither my learning nor my teaching has been written down. I pledge allegiance to no religious figure or order, yet appreciate (exalt) in the central unity (essential) in many of their rituals, ceremonies, practices and insights. I use no outline, agenda or prompts, but the constant assessment of their “field” or energetic certainty which is omnipresent. It is much like paddling a kayak in a difficult or threatening rapids in a river. There is no “plan” to execute, but there IS a process, a skill (prowess) a craft and an intention which informs every action or inaction, every word or silence, every sound, smell, taste, sight, touch and intuitive influence (an inward fluency?) and delivers a necessary consequence. Outcomes, while always uncertain, are inevitable, limitless and somewhat predictable. 
There is grace in the surrender.
There is strength in the utility.
There is possibility in vulnerability.
There is vitality in the ambiguity.
There is love, in all things, in all places in all times.

Cost of event includes everything except for flight and sundries, with lodging option selected at purchase. Please FLY INTO LOS CABOS (SJD) NO LATER THAN THE 28TH OF OCT, Book your DEPARTURE NO EARLIER THAN NOV 1st. You may want to come early and enjoy the area and become acclimated before the retreat, or stay longer and enjoy local Dia de Los Muertos celebrations on November 2nd.
Airport Transportation
VANS WILL BE COORDINATED TO PICK YOU UP. Please book your flight soon for best price/timing and coordination. The ride to Los Barriles is about 1 hour.

Your lodging is SINGLE OR DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. PLEASE SPECIFY AND INCLUDE NAME OF OTHER, IF DOUBLE. Single occupancy rate will be slightly higher. There is a ‘CAMPING OPTION’ if you are on a tight budget. There are sites adjacent to the property where this will be safe and convenient. Tents are STAND UP, CANVAS.
For answers to your questions call:
Chris Mathias
Tel: 303-808-5252

Lodging Packages include 4 nights Occupancy at Casitas la Playa Los Barriles (pictured)

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