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  • Los Barriles, BCS Mexico (map)

Why You:
Your soul is hungry
Your spirit wants More
This is the time of your life--and you know it
Your next life-step is the Big One
You are seeking deeper, further, even more authentic life
You wish to further discover, define, direct life purpose
It's time for you to truly see, speak, serve
You are ready to step forward and put it out there
If not now, when? If not you, who?
You are ready to truly own and direct your talents
You are ready to get out of your own way and surrender to your life service
You recognize this is the time for a major life-shift
You're ready to empty the old back-pack and start the new journey
You are ready to know and act on why you were called to this beautiful Earth
You know there is gift you must give back to the common good
You want to connect with active, caring, dedicated Tribe
You are ready to explore the inner wilderness