Navigating Baja – Dispatch #2 Base Camp in Paradise


From the National Geographic Series Navigating Baja
Originally Posted by Catherine Yrisarri in The Adventurists on March 19, 2015
Travelling with Adventurists Max Lowe, Austin Kino, Hayden Peters and Catherine Yrisarri.
A ten-day adventure along the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico.

“How does one become an adventurist? Let’s take a lesson from an original, Chris Mathias.
Open the wooden gates and enter another world in Los Barilles, Baja California, Mexico.
It’s a slice of something out of your imagination. A storybook blend of Wes Anderson meets Dr. Seuss co-mingles here down a dirt road laden with spiny cactus, rogue dogs, horned cattle, and eccentric dune buggy enthusiasts. This is why we love adventure, because it squarely puts you in a place that is other-worldly. It shifts your perspective on different ways of being in the world”— Catherine Yrisarri

See the video tour of the Los Barriles compound at National Geographic Adventure-